Window Treatments Solutions

Supreme Shades of Austin Texas has a solution for every need.
Whether you are looking for a better night sleep or trying to lower your energy bill.

Motorized Solutions

Automated home? We’re compatible.

Motorized window treatments leave the days of tangled cords, hard to reach curtains and manually adjustable shades and blinds in the past, and can now be controlled with a remote, smart phone, tablet, home automation systems, and with voice commands.

Available product solutions

Blackout Solutions

Need a better night’s sleep?

You and your family need the benefits that come from high quality sleep. Your mood, productivity, health and happiness are dependent upon it. With blackout shades, and room-darkening shades, the bedrooms in your home can become sleep sanctuaries. Take a nap in the middle of the day, sleep in on the weekend, and even get the kids to sleep longer in the morning with blackout solutions.

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Energy Efficient Solutions

Need insulation at your windows?

Living in this area, you know the atmosphere of your home can be at the mercy of the weather, but did you know you could be suffering up 50% energy loss through your windows? You need insulation for your windows. Our energy efficient solutions will let you maintain a comfortable temperature in your home year-round without spikes in your energy bills. Take a look at all we have to offer with our energy efficient shades and shutters!

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Large Windows Solutions

Looking for floor to ceiling coverage?

The beautiful view and ample amount of light from your floor to ceiling windows can be a gorgeous backdrop for your home. But sometimes the light is just too much. Our solutions for your large windows will let you control the light, privacy, energy efficiency and UV protection your home so badly needs. And many of the shades will let you maintain that beautiful view.

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Top Down / Bottom Up Solutions

Want privacy while enjoying natural light?

Protect your home while still inviting in ample light with top down bottom up shades. One of our most popular features, the light enters and disperses throughout your home for valuable daylighting, while the inside of your home is protected from prying eyes, unyielding light and harmful UV rays. Top down bottom up shades offer energy efficient capability, as much of window is still insulated. Enjoy the benefits of privacy solutions and so much more!

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Cordless / Child Safety Solutions

Searching for child-safe choices?

Tidy and uncluttered, these child safe solutions leave your home looking clean and organized, while offering invaluable protection and peace of mind. With cordless shades, cordless blinds and other child safe solutions, you can rest easy as your children and pets interact throughout the rooms in your home.

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